Face Climbing or Rock Craft Requires Special Training

Ascent to the tops of high mountains or cliffs is a sport designed for physically healthy people. The impact of the height is already felt at 2000 m, at an altitude of 2,500-3,000 m unprepared person can begin to experience mountain sickness, which is the result of the change of air composition, and reduced amount of oxygen in it. The first symptoms are headache and decreased activity.||At high altitude oxygen deficiency can cause apathy, and negate the strong-willed qualities. Participants start climbing to the top from the base camp. The expedition backpacks are changed to assault packs. Climbers take only the most necessary things (required sunglasses), lightweight but high-calorie dry ration kits, and special equipment (ice ax, crampon, safety belt, etc).||Climbing is hard but exciting sport, however every one need to be well prepared before each ascent. Psychical strength, endurance, and the ability to survive different complicated situations (which nature could offer) are necessary in this activity.

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