Famous and Bright Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the most recognizable and visited landmark in the world. Every year more than 5 million tourists get to the top of the tower, in the history of its existence the total number is about 240 million people. And that's not counting the huge number of those who prefer not to climb the tower, and just admire the sight from the ground.||The Eiffel Tower is located in the west of the French capital, Paris, on the left bank of the River Seine. There is a Champ de Mars - large open area, used in the past as a parade ground for military marches and parades, and now is a public park.||As for the size of the Eiffel Tower, according to data from 2010 its height is 324 meters. With more than 40 years since its appearance the Eiffel Tower was the highest architectural structure on the ground. It is almost twice the size of the tallest buildings in those years - Egyptian pyramid of Cheops (146 m) and two German churches - Cologne (156 m) and Ulm (161 m).||It is even hard to imagine how much paint can be spent on painting of such a large structure; however, the Eiffel Tower changed color several times and appeared before the Parisians and the tourists in yellow, red and brown tones. This lasted until the “brown Eiffel” color was patented and since that time it is safely painted once in seven years.||At night, the Eiffel Tower stands before the citizens and tourists in a very different form. Since 1900, it has night illumination, the design of which the same as its color have been changed periodically. Last illuminations was updated in 2003, when for a few months 30 climbers entangled tower with 40 kilometers of wires and connected 20 thousand light bulbs to them. This night “attire” of the tower cost the French government about 4.6 million euro, but, according to witnesses it's worth it.

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