Flora-Therapy - Treatment with Flowers

Flora-therapy (herbal medicine) is a method of returning health with the help of flowers. Clearly, this is not a panacea, but everyone who faces a serious illness tries everything to improve it. Of course the treatment under medical supervision is the main and important factor in recovery, but flora-therapy can also help to speed up the process.||Scientists came to the conclusion that flowers speed up the recovery and have a therapeutic effect. In addition, they help to get out of the depression, remove the negative emotions, provide preventive and restorative effect on the body and reduce the recovery period.||Fresh bouquets in the recovery room have a positive effect on the patients, stabilize pressure, improve mood, and equalize pulse. Flora-therapy is suitable for almost everyone and is absolutely harmless.||The treatment with flowers begins with a single flower in a bud stage. It is placed one meter away from the patient, so that he/she can see it and watch the process of blooming. Bud is “energy key” and prepares the patient's body to accept a stronger energy flow. After improvement, the patient chooses a color and number of flowers in a bouquet. The main thing is to focus on the feelings and to choose flowers that will please.||If the course began with cool colors or white flowers and the patient at the second stage chooses beige, white or light blue - hence recovery occurs. If he/she has selected a contrasting color - red, bright yellow or maroon - it means the disease is not retreating. And vice versa: if the course starts with a bright color bud and the sick again chooses bright colors, it means that the health is stabilized.

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