Historical and Cultural Places in Alaska

In Anchorage, from all sides surrounded by national parks, it is interesting to see not only the northern lights, but also Alaska Native Heritage Center, Museum of History and Art, and Museum of Aviation. By the way, Anchorage is called “the city of light in winter, and the city of flowers in summer”, so if you travel in summer, instead of the northern lights you will appreciate the variety of colors and fragrances of blooming streets of Anchorage. Many local hotels provide the service northern lights wake up call, and in case of northern lights you will be waken up.

Ketchikan is an old Indian village, which has national cultural and historical parks that allow to get acquainted with the past and present of Indian culture in the region. Here you can find wonderful collection of Native American art, including a collection of amazing totem poles and reconstructed living conditions of the Indians. Of particular interest is the nature around Ketchikan: mysterious foggy fjords, granite rocks, wet rainforests, 300-meter waterfalls and mountain lakes with crystal clear water. Ketchikan is a unique opportunity to meet with wildlife: see black bears, bald eagles, sea lions and fur seals.


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