Lost Inca City – Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu (“old peak”) is an ancient city, located in South America, on the territory of the modern Peru. It stands on top of the mountain, which height is 2450 meters above sea level. It is situated above the valley of the Urubamba River. Machu Picchu is the secret city of the Incas. According to some archaeologists, it served as a sacred mountain refuge of Inca ruler Pachacutec. Estimated time of its construction is 1440 year. In 1532 the land of the Incas was invaded by the Spanish conquerors. After that all the inhabitants of Machu Picchu vanished mysteriously.||It has a small territory with no more than 200 structures. Most of them represent the temples, residences, warehouses and other public buildings. They were built with well-hewn stones and plates, closely fitted to each other. Incas built rope bridges over the river and they considered the bridges the sacred objects, and if someone destroyed the bridge, he wouldn’t have been killed. To create this city, in such an isolated spot they had to do much of work. The road to Machu Picchu is wonderful, even in the rainy season, it's a beautiful piece of art of Inca builders. People did not know about the wheels, so mountain roads almost everywhere have steps. In this city and its surroundings lived no more than 1,200 people.||The city is composed of well-worked stone and it is believed that the residents worshiped the God of sun Inti and cultivated new lands and cities on the terraces. For over 400 years Machu Picchu remained in oblivion. Then, it was discovered by the American scientist on July 24, 1911. The whole city has a very clear structure. Today, Machu Picchu is center of mass tourism. The city is located in a remote region. In order to encourage tourism the railway road was built to the neighboring city, and from there the place can be reached by bus.||In 1983 UNESCO added Machu Picchu city to the list of World Heritage of Humanity. In 2007, Machu Picchu joined the project “New Seven Wonders of the World”.

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