Main Steps to Make your Hyacinth Bloom Better

First of all extra nutrition should be made immediately after the appearance of the first shoots and loosening of the soil. A second feeding is carried out after the formation of hyacinth buds. The third feeding is carried out after flowering.||Remember about the regular watering. Hyacinths are very demanding to watering immediately after planting. Before rooting bulbs need to make sure that the soil is constantly moist. In spring it should be also regularly watered in dry weather. Without watering hyacinths quickly open their buds and in a few days they will fade, and you will not even have time to enjoy their beauty.||After fading the flowering is cut early in the morning without touching the leaves. Leaves of the plant are needed for full ripening of bulbs.||Hyacinth bulbs should be dug out every year. This is done when the leaves are completely yellow. Dug out bulbs are cleaned and dried in boxes. For 2 months the bulbs are stores at temperature of 25-26 C. Next month hyacinth bulbs are stored at temperature of 17-18 C with average humidity.||During sorting the bulbs you need to choose small ones and plant them separately. Bulblets grow for 4-5 years, during this time they put on weight and size; they will not bloom.

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