New Kind of Sport not Less Exciting – Sandboarding

There are few sports in which athletes slide on various surfaces on special boards - surfing on the waves in the sea, snowboarding on the slopes or skateboarding on city streets. And there are a variety of summer boarding called sandboarding, in this sport the athletes slide on sand dunes.||For this extreme sport you will need a special board, made of a stronger construction. As on standard snowboard the feet on sandboard are fastened in the footwear, or by separate fasteners. The board is waxed or covered with paraffin and it slides easily on the surface in such a way. Fans make snowboards from waste wood, and professionals use better quality plastic, fiberglass or wood.||Sandboarding is less popular than its winter version, and this is due to the difficult conditions on the sandy slopes. While snow-covered tops can be reached on chairlifts, building such a device on the slopes of the sand is quite difficult, so for subsequent descent the sportsmen climb the slopes on foot or ATV.||This sport is very common in Australia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Namibia and other countries where there is desert, sand or hilly coasts. There is even an official world record in this discipline. Thus, according to the Guinness Book, the speed record of sandboard athlete is 82 km/h, while the unofficial record is fixed at 97 km/h.||The fans of this sport enjoy the advantage of absence of avalanches and frost, and sandboarding can be practiced all year round. But if you do decide to have a ride on sandboard, you better wear clothes that cover the elbows and knees, because at that speed sand grains easily damage the skin.

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