Peaceful Rest in London Parks

The population of London is more than 7 million people, and by its density it takes the second place in Europe after Moscow. But at the same time there is quite a huge amount of greenery: parks, squares and public gardens. If you look at a map of the city, you will see many green “spots”. Squirrels, swans, geese and doves (the size of a chicken) - these and other animals live in an atmosphere of fullness and peace.||Here is a list of basic, largest and most famous parks: Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Kensington Gardens, St James, Green Park and many more.||There are many football fields, and people with children come there to play and relax. Some of the fields should even be pre-booked for the game.||Doves and squirrels are not afraid to take food from people’s hands, but do this gently. There are many ponds and houses for birds. Children love to feed pigeons and geese. Actually this is the favorite thing to do for adults too. There are recycle bins for regular garbage and even for dogs poop.||In some areas you may find small squares which are not open to public. Such unusual parks are locked with a key, which is kept by the residents who live in the building around the park. It seems that this is their private bonus for the location.||The public parks are full of benches with indicated area to which they belong. At lunchtime, all the benches are filled by clerks with sandwiches and salads.||The parks are beautiful, clean, and well maintained. You can even sit on the lawn and observe the parliament.

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