Perennial Asters are Very Unpretentious Plants

Asters dominate in autumn garden, when most plants have lost their color. Its time of flowering is in the middle and the end of autumn. Perennial asters like bright islands enliven the dormant garden, which is preparing for a meeting with winter. Against the background of green conifers or Mahonia flare the colorful fireworks of aster flowers islands.||In its diversity the height of asters varies from 20 cm (New-Belgian aster) to two meters of New-England and US asters representatives. These species bloom profusely till the frost. Each flower is small, but collectively they form a lush planting. The color palette of perennial asters is varied: white, pale purple and pale violet, bright vibrant purple and dark purple and even dark pink.||Miniature varieties of asters can be used as borders, well set off by the edge of the track or flowerbeds. In summer, they are dense green borders, and in autumn they turn into richly-flowering carpet.||Perennial asters are low-maintenance flowers that you can pay a minimum of attention to. They grow modestly over summer, and you may not even notice them, but in autumn you will be surprised with their lush flowering.||Every 4-5 years, overgrown bushes of perennial asters are divided. Moreover, transplantation can be performed at any time in spring and autumn.

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