Skills and Abilities you Need to Have in Judo Sport

The word “Judo” comes from the Japanese words “Ju” (which means to act nobly, elegant and soft) and “do” (the way, the principle).||Along with boxing and fencing, judo should be classified as a sport, which is based on a combat. Almost all of the terminology in this sport has Japanese origin.||The participant of the fight, who performs the technical elements, is called tori, and the party over whom these techniques (throws and grips) are performed is called uke.||Judo requires valuable qualities such as: independence, concentration, perseverance, determination, character strength, mobilization skills and the ability to improve results. As a result of the training the sportsmen develop not only specific, but also valuable general physical skills and coordination.||The meaning of the dynamic combat without weapon is to defeat the opponent within the allotted time using throws and grabs, while using all valid technical and tactical abilities, own mental and physical skills and availability of the opponent's weaknesses. With attack actions the sportsman has to clench the body of the opponent, while in the protective actions he makes an attempt to evade an opponent and find methods of defense. Thus legs are an important weapon in attack and defense.

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