The Combination of Past and Present in Prague

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is a large city that combines so many different things that it is impossible to get bored in it. Prague attracts the visitors over and over again. Many people just love to come to this city and simply have a walk.||Gorgeous old buildings in the city draw the eye, and so many palaces per square kilometer, perhaps, is difficult to find anywhere else. The age of the structures is just amazing. Everything that is built after the 14th century, Prague's residents themselves jokingly call the “new building”.||The exploration of the city is best to start from the Prague Castle with the St. Vitus Cathedral. Then go up to the South Tower of the cathedral and observe the city. There are also famous and not less magnificent the Royal Gardens near Prague Castle. If for some reason you can’t get to the tower, do not worry, in Prague there are many places where you can go up and see the city from a height.||Petrin Hill is a favorite place where Praguers like to spend time, in the park spreading a blanket and resting. There are also sculptures in its foot, the monument to victims of communism. At the bottom you can also find the funicular which takes you to the top. No one should miss the opportunity to see the beauty of the city from the top.||Strahov Monastery is a good place for lovers of beer. There are several pubs on its territory, where they brew their own very tasty beer.||In the new town there are: Wenceslas Square, National and Mucha Museum, National Theater, the deconstructivist Dancing House and many more places worth of visiting.

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