Top 5 of Former Olympic Sports

Sport, like science, is constantly developing. Year after year, existing sports technology is improved, new sports appear and old ones become part of history. During the Olympic Games, many sports appeared and disappeared from the official program, and now we want to talk about the top 5 of the former Olympic sport that now seem more entertainment than sport.||Tug of war is a fun game that many remember from childhood. But it's not only fun contests for the holidays, but also a sport that was part of the Olympic program from 1900 to 1920. Tug of war was the discipline of athletics. In 1900 at the Games the winners were the team of Sweden and Denmark, in 1904 athletes from the United States became world champions, in 1908 - a team of police officers from the UK, in 1912 - police officers from Sweden, and in 1920 at the last game the team of GB won.||If you are a big fan of tennis, you probably know that this sport has gained its modern form not at once. The prototype was the old tennis game Jeu de paume in which the original ball was thrown over the net first with hands, and then with bats. At the Olympics, this sport has been presented twice, in 1908 and 1928.||Many people remember from school physical education the exercise of climbing the rope. This discipline has been known to the ancient Greeks, who thought climbing the rope was the best preparation for a gymnast. In the Olympics this sport was included from 1896 to 1932. It is noteworthy that for the first time a world champion in this discipline was a Greek sportsman who climbed the rope length of 14 meters in just 23.4 seconds. At that game only one more gymnast was able to reach the top of the rope.||In 1900 hot air ballooning was included in the Olympics. Today it is difficult to determine by what criteria the judges chose the winner in such an unusual discipline. It turns out that they valued the distance of the flight, the time in the air, and the ability of the balloon to land at the specified location.||One of the oldest disciplines included in the program of the Olympic Games was clay pigeon and skeet shooting. It first appeared at the Olympics in 1900.

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